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Are you planning to move out of the historic neighbourhood area in the next five years? If so, why?
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1Sep 25, 2009 8:33 PMNo
2Sep 25, 2009 9:07 PMIf I move it will only because the crime and drug situation is not addressed by the city
3Sep 25, 2009 9:19 PMI am not planning to move at the moment, but as a senior, will eventually have to go. It would be nice if there was somewhere to go that was in the same area.
4Sep 25, 2009 9:22 PMno
5Sep 25, 2009 9:32 PMno
6Sep 25, 2009 9:32 PMIf things don't change soon in regard to enforcement of the by-laws, especially home occupations, I will not stay to see the neighbourhood be changed into an industrial park.
7Sep 25, 2009 9:49 PMNo but I won't stay once I cannot maintain my property on my own. Rising taxes will likely drive me out within the next 5 - 10 years as I won't be able to keep up with expenses on my pension.
8Sep 25, 2009 10:05 PMNO
9Sep 25, 2009 11:55 PMno
10Sep 26, 2009 12:06 AMNO
11Sep 26, 2009 12:26 AMno
12Sep 26, 2009 1:12 AMI don't know, with the closure or Prince of Wales and perhaps Barrie Central we are concerned the downtown is going to become a place we won't belong in. We are concerned it will either become scummy( if that is a word) or a senior village ( and we are not that old).
13Sep 26, 2009 1:59 AMNo.
14Sep 26, 2009 2:39 AMPossibly, because of the recent crimes in the neighborhood although I like the location and closeness to the lake and the historical value. The crime and the recent decision to make the fire-hall in such a close proximity to a residential area does not make sense to me. There is plenty of vacant land within the Barrie boundary that should have been sufficient for a fire hall without taking away the urgency to the community and giving the neighborhood the burden of a constant noise factor not to mention the danger being on the main street of Barrie and close to a major high school!
15Sep 26, 2009 2:54 AMNo - love the location :)
16Sep 26, 2009 12:49 PMNo
17Sep 26, 2009 2:08 PMyes and hope so, because of the why it looks and not being to safe of a area for children.
18Sep 26, 2009 5:45 PMNo.
19Sep 26, 2009 7:56 PMPlan to stay. (Unless carried out in a box!!)
20Sep 26, 2009 8:51 PMno
21Sep 26, 2009 10:33 PMIf we were to move it's because Bradford Street is empty, it's totally unappealing and scary for kids to walk past so many empty buildings and lots. There are too many druggies around this end of downtown and little police presence. If houses are sold and rented out, the neighbours become less desirable and less attentive to lawn care and home maintenance.
22Sep 26, 2009 11:12 PMNo
23Sep 27, 2009 12:12 AMI would like to stay, but when i see more and more amenities that attract and maintain families; ex, The Arena, the public school leave the area, i wonder what will be left that originally attracted me to the downtown in the first place.
24Sep 27, 2009 12:17 AMno
25Sep 27, 2009 1:32 PMNo
26Sep 27, 2009 1:36 PMWe are currently strongly considering it. While we love the potential for this area, we are worried about the crime and transient population that is on the rise. We have a 16 month old son and do not want him exposed to what is currently over-running our fine street; we won't use our front lawn now as an area of play because of 1) fear of being hit by a speeding car 2) having an 'undesirable' person (drunk, stoned, prostitute, etc) approaching our family. Its well known that there is a crack house on North St. and on the corner of Drury Ln and Wellington; the Mac's on the corner of Bayfield and Wellington also falls into this category - just watch the business that takes place at the phone booth by the front door for 5 minutes and you will know what I mean.
27Sep 27, 2009 2:37 PMMaybe, loss of community schools
28Sep 27, 2009 4:23 PMNo
29Sep 27, 2009 5:27 PMNo
30Sep 28, 2009 1:00 AMno
31Sep 28, 2009 12:14 PMNo.
32Sep 28, 2009 2:26 PMYes. I am not satisfied with direction of the downtown and that impacts my neighbourhood around Bercy Park. We have too many rooming houses and homes with very poor property standards and we get too many people wandering the streets who have been drinking or worse at all hours of the day and night. We have had things taken from our cars many times. I feel that because of this property values have stayed relatively low compared to other areas. In addition, my taxes continue to increase making my home a poor investment.
33Sep 28, 2009 5:16 PMAbsolutely not. I love where I live! I have serious concerns about how Essa is transforming - despite initiatives by the City, it seems to be degrading more and more. Also, one of my major concerns is because there is no sense of history (that is truly valued by residents) in Barrie, none of the younger families are moving in. As the older couples start to leave the area because of death or otherwise, their once quaint little homes are being bought, rented and turned into shacks. If we start to create these unique enclaves in the city, perhaps this will attract people with families to live in these areas and they will once again shine. I think the City also needs to create some tax breaks or benefits for people that live in these older areas - to encourage them to contiue with rennovations and give them staying power to live in these homes. If the people that live in these homes now are not given some sign of "life" from the City that they care that we care, you will see some people start to move out. Rentention of what you already have is key to the success of the area - now its time to build on it.
34Sep 28, 2009 6:07 PMNo, but need a school
35Sep 28, 2009 6:18 PMIf landlord and property standards issues don't change and if school closures happen.
36Sep 28, 2009 6:44 PMno
37Sep 28, 2009 6:49 PMno
38Sep 28, 2009 6:55 PMno
39Sep 28, 2009 7:29 PMno
40Sep 28, 2009 7:39 PMno
41Sep 28, 2009 7:50 PMno
42Sep 28, 2009 8:53 PMNo
43Sep 28, 2009 9:01 PMmaybe. Prince of wales is to close. This school is vital to our family oriented community
44Sep 28, 2009 11:04 PMno
45Sep 29, 2009 1:31 AMno
46Sep 29, 2009 1:37 AMNo
47Sep 29, 2009 1:43 AMno
48Sep 29, 2009 1:54 AMIt has crossed our minds - to find more culture. More like minded families and businesss that focus on our connection to nature and technology.
49Sep 29, 2009 2:05 AMYes, if the vars continue to play music past midnight and bar patrons are yelling, urinaitng, vomitting and throwing trash and cig butts anywhere.
50Sep 29, 2009 2:58 AMno
51Sep 29, 2009 3:14 AMno
52Sep 29, 2009 1:29 PMNo
53Sep 29, 2009 2:47 PMWe don't want to but we are considering moving mostly due to no real plan for public schools. There is also a lot of crime for my young family (selling of drugs). Too much assisted living per capita in our neighbourhood as well.
54Sep 29, 2009 2:50 PMIf/when I move it will be away from the City of Barrie. I grew up in Toronto and moved to Barrie because of more affordable housing and proximity to water and cottage country. Unfortunately the city's mentality has not changed with its growth. I don't think Barrie is thinking long term or seeing itself as a major city in Ontario. There are other issues as well - the inability for City Council to actually listen to the needs of the residents - especially in the case of the Y at Allandale, taxes increasing every year, the slowness of major road repair projects, the lack of investment in culture etc. - these are the reasons I will move away from Barrie.
55Sep 29, 2009 3:26 PMperhaps. The block we have ived in for 35 years has gone downhill as owners have died and the homes becoming worse for wear.
56Sep 29, 2009 3:44 PMno
57Sep 29, 2009 4:05 PMYes. Largely because there has been no improvement or protection of the dwellings on my block. We have been there since 1975 and love our 1885 house. It was owned and likely built by Dalton McCarthy (provincial politician and lawyer). There is much data and history on this property for example we have lists of everyone who has lived in the home.
58Sep 29, 2009 8:59 PMno
59Sep 30, 2009 4:11 AMNo.
60Sep 30, 2009 3:07 PMNo plans to move
61Sep 30, 2009 5:55 PMyes moving back to where we are from
62Sep 30, 2009 10:37 PMNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
63Oct 1, 2009 1:53 AMno
64Oct 1, 2009 11:43 AMNo
65Oct 1, 2009 12:30 PMNo
66Oct 1, 2009 2:10 PMno.
67Oct 2, 2009 9:01 PMno
68Oct 2, 2009 9:03 PMnope
69Oct 2, 2009 9:22 PMNo............we love this area
70Oct 2, 2009 9:28 PMNot if I can help it. I've got two months to find another place, and I like being on the same street as Price Chopper.
71Oct 2, 2009 9:32 PMNot really planning to.
72Oct 2, 2009 9:40 PMNo
73Oct 2, 2009 10:03 PMNO - we love it here.
74Oct 2, 2009 10:15 PMno
75Oct 3, 2009 11:04 AMNo
76Oct 3, 2009 2:29 PMno plan
77Oct 3, 2009 4:17 PMNO
78Oct 3, 2009 11:32 PMNo.
79Oct 4, 2009 3:59 AMYes we are looking to move out of our current neighbourhood preferably relocating more east in Barrie. The neighbourhoods above downtown on the East side are residential zoning (rather than residential/commercial) and the section of Dunlop East (east of Mulcaster) are much more safe and inspiring to walk through. Currently, across the street from us there is a rooming house with people with mental health issues (the landlord prefers these people because they receive living assistance from CAMH). Very recently, a man who murdered his ex-wife was residing there and we had never seen him before. Two streets over from us there was a attempted murder behind an abandoned house on Mary St. On the corner of Park St. and High St. there are renovations underway to convert the old home to apartments which will again be geared to transient and assisted individuals. This will be across the street from the skate park infamous for drug trafficking. Within a few blocks of each other there is the bus station (transient travelers, Penetang drop off site), a liquor store, CAMH, halfway houses on Toronto St., Salvation Army Mission, at least three bars, bong/pipe shops, and numerous rooming houses and unregistered apartments. I feel so discouraged and unsafe walking with my children from my house downtown and I would not be brave enough to walk by myself which I feel indicates a complete failure on the part of the city of Barrie. To walk to our closest grocery store(No Frills), I do not have a sidewalk the entire way down Donald St. so I have to switch sides of the street twice to be on a sidewalk or risk walking on the road with my stroller. My son is starting school this year at Prince of Wales and we have been told that it is scheduled to close in June 2010. I must say I hope it does close solely for the reason of its location and physical state. My son has asthma and we tried to have him relocated to a new school because we are worried of the dust and mold ect. at Prince of Wales. If POW does indeed close, my son will be going to Hillcrest which will go through major contstruction to update it so again we are concerned for his health at this school as well. My husband and I came to Barrie after living in the Bloor West area of Toronto. We were attracted to our current home because of its heritage style and for the proximity to downtown and the waterfront. We have always been excited to hear of the goals for downtown but we are now feeling as if it is all talk and a scheme to entice people to buy in this area. We enjoyed the variety of Bloor West in Toronto where we could walk to do all our shopping (groceries, clothing, gifts ect.) and it was so stimulating and full of positive energy because people felt safe and part of a community they were proud in. That is the glimpse we saw in Downtown when we bought our home 4 years ago. We are so sad to think of having to move to a "subdivision" in the South end of Barrie in order to find a family centered neighbourhood and a safe environment and a positive one for our children to grow up in.
80Oct 4, 2009 6:23 PMNo.
81Oct 4, 2009 7:36 PMOur house is for sale now and we are hoping to move to a condo, but in the downtown. We are older now, and want to have less work of a house, so we can travel more.
82Oct 4, 2009 10:59 PMno
83Oct 5, 2009 1:47 PMYes, Wellington St. East by next month.
84Oct 5, 2009 2:43 PMNO
85Oct 5, 2009 2:44 PMYes, we are looking at moving because we have a lot of traffic and the kids can't ride their bikes on the sidewalk. We don't feel like it is very community and family oriented where we live, despite there being a lot of young families.
86Oct 5, 2009 3:01 PMNo....have lived here since 1972...and still love it.
87Oct 5, 2009 3:44 PMYes. I plan to move off my street, due to traffic and noise. I would like to stay in my neighbourhood and will likely move onto a "back street".
88Oct 5, 2009 5:13 PMPossibly, not because we don't like the area but more because we would like less neighbours and a bigger yard
89Oct 5, 2009 5:55 PMno
90Oct 6, 2009 12:59 AMWe would like to buy a house, currently renting.
91Oct 6, 2009 1:48 AMNo ... we like it here taxes are getting very high for our kind of living
92Oct 6, 2009 2:43 AMno
93Oct 6, 2009 5:19 AMI love living downtown, we moved from Kingswood Estates and truly enjoy being close to the waterfront and restaurants. However, I must say when we go down Dunlop we feel sick how poorly the city planning has been for this city. From the way they detoured traffic up Toronto Street which is really to narrow to deal with traffic rather then directing up other streets that have commercial property that needs people to come by to survive. We loose great stores and gain more waterpipe stores!!Go figure? This tells the city something about their planning... it is not working but the former mayor's idea of a convention centre was the big focus rather than listening to consultants that are objective. I am sorry for being negative but we have heard some amazing stories from people that have lived here for years and it is so sad how council has overlooked things that now are major problems. allowing beautiful old homes to go to low rental, 14 , 17 rooms rented in a home , police there often, gorgeous condos on the water front and then to allow such eye sore places heading up Toronto to Dunlop people on the waterfront do not feel safe to shop on Dunlop so a big lose there!! Too many big retail places not enough to encourage safety and attractions for downtown. Poor planning. We need to help the social needs group but putting them all in one area mainly of Barrie has not help our end of town and our end of town is the mouth of downtown, waterfront park, condos, coming off the 400 from Dunlop, it is not a pretty site until you get further down Dunlop, first impression of Visitors is not great! start fixing and cleaning up around Toronto St. down, make the whole down town look great not just further down! Prime property has been allocated for a fire department which is better than more low run down rentals but why would council think that corner of Toronto and dunlop can handle more traffic now with fire trucks, school buses etc... why could we not have had some cultural building, gallery, to have a big fire department there shows they do not consider this end of the city part of waterfront tourist attraction potential! I would love to be here in five years but if the crime rate and clean up of this area does not start it is hard to say. At times I feel the city claims they want to fix up the town but for residents here to even try to improve their house is a chore to get approval yet several doors down there is a house of rooms that are rented and raided by cops and the city seems to approve that these homes can be run as rooming houses and a lot of questionable tenants. We have a high rate of sex offenders in Barrie and we have a young teenage daughter and that worries me, she loves her school but there are days she is yelled at by people who seem to have problems, once she was followed and commented at as she walked home, she was very nervous. Youth Haven also has rules but yet rarely are they followed as they are climbing in and out of windows, out pass curfew, constant swearing , the landlord ( Church) have not been made to keep their promise keeping the house in good order for the area is becoming more and more run down also accountabily just does not exist . Without reinforcement and accountability problems will not improve, also why not have the city support those of us who want to fix up our century homes and give us support for wanting to improve downtown since it is us who live here.
94Oct 6, 2009 1:11 PMPossibly, to Toronto. If I stay in Barrie, I will stay in this neighborhood.
95Oct 6, 2009 4:19 PMYes, we have considered due to the increased vehicular traffic on our street. It has had a huge impact on the neighbourhood and although we have been promised by the "City of Barrie" for traffic measures to decrease traffic we have been waiting for 4 yrs already.
96Oct 7, 2009 1:42 AMI may move out of the neighbourhood if substantial improvements are not made with regards to the amount of crack houses as well as the vacant dilapidated properties. I also think the roads and sidewalks are in a terrible state of repair. I have a young daughter, and I want to be able to feel safe in my own home and neighbourhood. There are too many social services located within the downtown core. In my opinion, they would be better moved to a location just outside of the core that is easily accessible by walking and transit, for example the old fire station...This would make a fabulous location to house some of the social services, and give the people who use these services their own space (indoor & outdoor) as well so they do not need to hang out on our downtown sidewalks. If the city promotes itself as Ontario's Premier Waterfront Community with a focus on bringing tourism into our city, we need to move these services from our small dowtown. There have been far too many incidents involving some of these people in my immediate neighbourhood that we have needed to call the police on numerous occasions. Many people have a terrible opinion of the downtown and would not ever think of bringing their families here even for a visit...it is sad that we have let it get so bad.
97Oct 7, 2009 2:45 AMno
98Oct 7, 2009 3:25 PMNo
99Oct 7, 2009 4:00 PMNope. We plan to stay as long as possible
100Oct 7, 2009 7:27 PMno
101Oct 7, 2009 8:28 PMOne never knows what will happen in 5 years, but at this moment my wife and I love living at 2 Toronto St. Grand Harbour.
102Oct 7, 2009 11:04 PMOnly if the City doesnt begin to recognise the negative impact of absentee landlords and their tenants who consistantly disregard the bylaws and standards that everyone else does. A property standards complaint requires written notice. It typically takes 3 weeks to be resolved. Those in violation are repeat offenders. Why cant city staff react to couches,broken televisions ect. piled on the curbside without the intervention of those that have to live with this eyesoe weekly.With all the municipal vehicles on the road I cannot believe these issues are not witnnessed daily, but not reported by city staffers. Why is that???? there is a trailer home on Gowan st ( the home burned down)that has now existed in excess of 6 years.Property standards claim they cannot prove anyone is living there. Funny enough ,every Wednesday there is garbage out for collection? Go figure!!!
103Oct 8, 2009 2:12 PMNo
104Oct 8, 2009 4:45 PMNo
105Oct 8, 2009 6:27 PMNo. But if I was it would be because many houses are becoming crack houses, and rentals
106Oct 8, 2009 8:22 PMNo. We bought our house three years ago, and moved to Allandale only last June, when we sold our business in Newfoundland and retired. We enjoy living in old houses with history; this is our fourth century-old house. We plan to be here for many years, and to renovate the house while maintaining its character.
107Oct 8, 2009 9:22 PMpossible.....living downtown creats issues that we did not consider when moving to Barrie three years ago......street persons and begging, vagrants taking advantage of the downtown area...i.e. memorial square and the water front. Drugs are very prevelant and escessive drinking causing too many confrontations. Density of the waterfront,,,, The downtown area is lacking nice shops,.......too many bars and fast food places....and NOW A STRIP CLUB.....WHAT IS NEXT
108Oct 9, 2009 12:07 AMMaybe, sometimes it is exhausting that the city consults property owners, then does what it feels is important regardless of the input received. Too many rental units that are mis-managed and devaluing the surrounding properties, attracting individuals with little interest in maintaining the inherent attractiveness of the area. Essa Road is a commercial mess, along with Bradford Street. Too many fly by night businesses with questionable clientele.
109Oct 9, 2009 2:03 PMNo
110Oct 9, 2009 2:36 PMNot sure at this point, we do not want to leave the area but may have to as a result of job oppertunites. As long as we are in Barrie this is the area we want to live in.
111Oct 9, 2009 4:56 PMNO
112Oct 9, 2009 5:34 PMNo. BUT we moved here to be able to walk our child to King Edward School and be part of that great community of parents who did the same.
113Oct 9, 2009 7:18 PMpossibly. if it changes too much. We need more dense housing, do they have to be condos that a lot of people can't afford? not having a school in the neighbourhood . tearing down the arena. it seems until now, that an awful lot of tax money has gone to create new neighbourhoods and service them instead of investing what in already here and has been for 100 years. don't want to be in a city that gets too big.
114Oct 9, 2009 10:57 PMThis would not have been my plan, however, with increased criminal activity (theft, violence, drug trafficking), it is becomingincreasingly difficult to envision myself raising two daughters. The disadvantages are beginning to outweigh the advantages. It appears that the city is more preoccupied with tax dollars it can receive through the building of more and more condominiums -- not realising the negative impact of many of its decisions on the quality of life of those living in these downtown spaces.
115Oct 11, 2009 3:48 AMWe may move out of this area if more isn't done to improve the houses around us. There are to many properties that are not cared for. I would be more likely to stay in the area if the downtown is improved, which seems to be happening at a very slow pace. More and more businesses are moving out of the downtown. The vacant lot at five points is an incredible eyesore - I am not pleased with the placement of a chip truck there. We have such an opportunity to create a beautiful downtown with our waterfront and I don't agree with many of the decisions being made. The alleyways and space behind the businesses are atrocious - how about shops with back access, cafes with patios, pleasant walkways between the streets. I don't feel safe walking at night. The downtown looks dirty. The Simcoe at five points is a shame - this is a beautiful, unique building that could be a restaurant/ hotel and it is what it is... "Central Ontario's Premier Waterfront Destination" is a joke - what brings people here? We have no hotel, we need more transient slips and the only patio overlooking the water is a Hooters.
116Oct 14, 2009 4:19 PMna
117Oct 14, 2009 4:26 PMProbably: taking down the Dunlop Arena, the closure of Prince of Wales Public School and too many condominiums
118Oct 14, 2009 4:45 PMYes, no Downtown Public School and no local arena. When we moved here it has an arena and a school and now they are gone.
119Oct 14, 2009 4:49 PMno
120Oct 14, 2009 4:54 PMyes, buy a house
121Oct 14, 2009 4:59 PMNo
122Oct 14, 2009 5:04 PMNo
123Oct 14, 2009 5:08 PMNo, not planning to move
124Oct 14, 2009 5:10 PMno
125Oct 14, 2009 5:13 PMno
126Oct 14, 2009 5:18 PMHad enough of people begging and the crime and the violence
127Oct 14, 2009 5:20 PMNo
128Oct 14, 2009 6:08 PMNo unless age or health make it difficult to stay here
129Oct 14, 2009 6:14 PMyes - retirement
130Oct 14, 2009 6:19 PMNo
131Oct 14, 2009 6:21 PMNo clue
132Oct 14, 2009 6:26 PMDont know but if so it would be out of Town to be closer to family
133Oct 14, 2009 7:10 PMI am in that senior year category
134Oct 14, 2009 7:15 PMNo