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Do you have other suggestions for how to accommodate more people in your neighbourhood?
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1Feb 4, 2010 3:26 PMI would suggest that closing local elementary schools, and possible the only high school in the area is NOT the way to go.
2Feb 4, 2010 3:33 PMa variety of mixed housing options to encourage a variety of different age groups and families
3Feb 4, 2010 3:47 PMEnsure that the housing represents a city that wants tourism in the downtown area.
4Feb 4, 2010 4:29 PMThere are already alot of apartments and rental units available
5Feb 4, 2010 5:20 PMschools
6Feb 4, 2010 7:27 PMalready zoned for multiple residences
7Feb 4, 2010 9:22 PMUtilize Allandale rail lands to optimize development but increase green space
8Feb 4, 2010 10:01 PMReclaim the many, many failed and empty manufacturing/warehousing businesses along Hwy 400 and develop High density housing in their place
9Feb 5, 2010 4:43 AMSchools. Elementary and secondary schools in the downtown core.
10Feb 5, 2010 7:06 PMDevelop a residential plan that will ENCOURAGE FAMILY USE FOR YOUNG FAMILIES
11Feb 5, 2010 8:11 PMadding mid-rise apartments would complement the surrounding homes - high rises are overpowering
12Feb 5, 2010 10:03 PMWe do not need more people in our neighbourhood
13Feb 6, 2010 2:04 PMIn a RM2 zone with duplexes, rentals and some small businesses, “infill” construction has become quite popular in larger cities. In my sons’ Toronto neighbourhood a large scale back lot infill is known as the Dundas – Sherbourne project. CMHC has also endorsed the Sprout Home as a way to revitalize older neighbourhoods.
14Feb 7, 2010 5:21 AMallow for onstreet parking
15Feb 7, 2010 12:51 PMmake people more responsible that have rented out beautiful old homes , look at the multi unit on Ross and Toronto, thestuff going on there pulss down the area and makes you afraid to walks
16Feb 8, 2010 4:37 AMWe don't need more people in my neighbourhood. Stop trying to cram more people into this city!
17Feb 9, 2010 11:03 PMMore Local employment areas
18Feb 10, 2010 1:35 PMallow large lots to subdivide to provide opportunities for infil housing
19Feb 10, 2010 2:33 PMPlease recognize that a walkable community allows such accommodation in a larger area--people will (and do) walk 15 minutes to a transit station
20Feb 11, 2010 1:10 AMnot allowing businesses such a hair salons and legal offices in residential areas
21Feb 11, 2010 3:57 AMhigh-density, if parking on same foot print
22Feb 12, 2010 2:07 PMThere are enough people in the neighbourhood.
23Feb 16, 2010 3:12 PMCondos and townhomes - NOT rental units. "Residential" to me means owning, not renting. We do not need or want more rental units. Typically a renter has a complete disregard for things of merit - i.e. historic
24Feb 16, 2010 5:39 PMWe need more young people in the area therefore, good schools, playgrounds and reasonably priced family homes.
25Feb 16, 2010 8:09 PMKeep the schools
26Feb 16, 2010 8:10 PMGet serious about revitalization--expropriate property along Essa/Bradford that is in derelict condition for new development.
27Feb 16, 2010 8:13 PMPermits for regulated granny flats to use for extended family only
28Feb 17, 2010 12:13 AMBrock neighbourhood has many seniors and the need for large grocery outlet is and will be necessary
29Feb 17, 2010 8:55 PMEliminate the height restrictions now in place to accommodate additional floors in high rise buildings.
30Feb 18, 2010 8:57 PMMixed uses such as commerical / retail on the first floor and high-density residential units above should not be on Wellington St or Grove St
31Feb 18, 2010 9:10 PMHigh density in the downtown area. Roads cannot take more cars. Grid lock in the Downtown
32Feb 18, 2010 10:17 PMyou do not to add more people to the area
33Feb 19, 2010 2:17 AMporvide more support services such as pharmacys, grocery stores,repair shops
34Feb 20, 2010 2:00 AMI don't want more people in my neighborhood!
35Feb 22, 2010 2:14 PMaffordable housing to attract all incomes
36Feb 22, 2010 2:20 PMDevelop vacant lots with multi-use residential
37Feb 22, 2010 2:30 PMProper living space
38Feb 22, 2010 2:37 PMBuild more mid-rise condos or Townhouses in appropriate areas
39Feb 22, 2010 6:19 PMIs there a height restriction policy as to how many stories a building can be along major site lines or gateways to the downtown?
40Feb 22, 2010 7:22 PMThere should not be any high density dwellings on major arteries in Barrie.
41Feb 25, 2010 6:35 PMThere are quite a few vacancies in my area - would suggest lowering taxes etc to attract investment
42Feb 26, 2010 4:49 PMNo and don't feel we need to accommodate more people We would just like to see preservation of historic properties, houses which have value especially if they go back to 1885 .
43Feb 26, 2010 6:07 PMThe heritage nature of Allandale, at least in its residential portions, would be severely impacted by anything more than medium density housing types. The ideal would be single family homes in a suitable heritage style.
44Feb 27, 2010 1:49 PMWhy do we need more people????
45Mar 2, 2010 1:32 PMIntroduce loft style accomodation in historic buildings
46Mar 2, 2010 1:42 PMMake more affordable housing for low income people - it is currently way out of reach
47Mar 2, 2010 2:01 PMUnfortunately apartment buildings are a viable answer although I dont enjoy living in them because I miss my old garden, little greenery
48Mar 2, 2010 2:06 PMBuild houses for more lower income famillies
49Mar 2, 2010 2:13 PMLower income rental units
50Mar 2, 2010 2:29 PMBuilding more low cost multiple units
51Mar 2, 2010 6:54 PMGroup homes
52Mar 2, 2010 6:59 PMAttached townhouses
53Mar 2, 2010 7:06 PMNo more people
54Mar 2, 2010 7:14 PMTents!
55Mar 3, 2010 3:47 PMBetter streets, better safer parks, and safe bike lanes
56Mar 3, 2010 3:52 PMStrip plazas could have residential above