About the Historic Neighbourhood Strategy (HNS)

The Historic Neighbourhoods Strategy was an innovative approach to planning and policy making. The strategy was developed by residents of the local neighbourhoods to address the liveability and sustainability of their historic neighbourhoods.

The strategy focused on the following downtown historic neighbourhoods:

Residents in these neighbourhoods were asked to roll up their sleeves and get involved in a highly interactive process to influence and shape the future of their neighbourhoods—what their historic neighbourhood looks like, how it works, what services are provided and how they are delivered.

For each neighbourhood, the Strategy addressed key questions such as—
  • Are there critical issues with the status quo? What are they? they?
  • What do you like about your neighbourhood?
  • What do you want to see changed?

The Strategy paints a portrait of each neighbourhood, setting out residents’ visions, sense of neighbourhood identity, local values and priorities. It documents community change, the need for infrastructure renewal, current cultural, recreation and social services, facilities and programs, anticipated future needs and challenges regarding crime and security, property standards and heritage preservation.

The Historic Neighbourhoods Strategy is a product of the community, not City staff or consultants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Historic Neighbourhood Strategy?

The Historic Neighbourhoods Strategy is a community planning initiative unlike any other undertaken by the City of Barrie. This is a process that is driven by the residents of the Historic Neighbourhoods because it is the residents who know best the needs, opportunities and constraints found within their neighbourhoods.

Why is the City doing this?

Barrie’s historical City centre is identified within the provincial Places to Grow growth plan as an area for residential and employment intensification. As a result, the City’s older historical neighbourhoods are expected to experience an increase in development activity, changing social issues and additional pressure for transitional land uses in the near future. The Historic Neighbourhoods Strategy is a proactive way to address the existing situation and plan for anticipated future growth.

Where are the Historic Neighbourhoods?

The Historic Neighbourhoods are residential neighbourhoods that surround the historic City centre to the north and west of the downtown, to the west of Centennial Beach and to the south of the Southshore Community Centre.

The development of the Strategy is taking place right now and we encourage your involvement!

A Community Committee, comprised of residents from the historic neighbourhoods, interested City Councillors and City Staff has been created. Lynn Morrow of Lynn Morrow Consulting has been retained to facilitate the Community Committee meetings and assist the Committee members with the development and implementation of a broad-based community outreach and communications consultation program. As well, the City has provided a dedicated Project Planner, Stacey Forfar, for the duration of this process: from June 2009 - June 2010.

This planning process is unlike any undertaken before in the City of Barrie. Recruiting residents of the historic neighbourhoods for the Community Committee was among the initial tasks of the project. With the Committee in place, the members will work with the Communications consultant and City staff to develop a Community Outreach and Consultation Plan over the summer months to be launched in September 2009. This Plan will be designed to reach a broad cross-section of residents to maximize their involvement. Ultimately, the Community Committee members, supported by the Project Planner, will draft and finalize the Historic Neighbourhoods Strategy.

How Can I Become Involved?

If you want to get involved, check the Home Page for a list of Community Committee members to find out who represents your neighbourhood and send an email to them at HNSCommunity@barrie.ca.